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14th August 2010

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Wednesday: happy flip-flop day

Disaster! Tuesday’s canvas shoes blistered my heels. Good thing it was sunny enough on Wednesday (just) for flip-flops.

I went to the Southbank to see my friend Sula, who always enjoys wearing animal print accessories, not least these leopard print peep-toe H&M flats. BTW - congrats to Sula who just handed in her MA dissertation - whoop!

Afterwards, Jodi and I caught classic Eric Rohmer piece My Night with Maud at the BFI Southbank. Note the red polka dot skirt which cost just £3 from the North London Hospice shop in Muswell Hill.

Lastly, here’s a pic from when I donned this exact pair of flip-flops in Croatia, taken with my gorgeous 1970s Olympus OM-1 film SLR.

All studio pictures © Jodi Warren Photography

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