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20th June 2010


Day 54: Trainers of shame

Yesterday I wore a pair of boring, standard trainers:

I hate wearing ugly shoes without cause. I dressed as though I were en route to the gym - because god forbid anyone assume I have bad taste in shoes. I’m still pretty snuffly, so I didn’t even go running! However, my friend Stephanie and I did go on a mammoth elephant hunt that took us to the West End Live fest in London. Steph wore a new pair of plimsolls from a catalogue I can’t remember, because Converse make theirs too narrow.

I bought these to go running late last year. Did I go running? No.

BTW, only three days to go! What on earth am I gonna do with my time without the blog! 

All studio pictures © Jodi Warren Photography 

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23rd May 2010

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Day 26: Pink wedges

Yesterday I wore a pair of pink slingback wedges with cork heels and buttons:

I wore them to work, where I noticed my colleague Richard’s fancy Converse. I then went to the Barbican to see the wonderful Paper Cinema.

These came from Zara via Oxfam. I dislike slingbacks but these don’t rub too much. I’m generally less fussy about charity shop shoes. I also wear a lot of pink.

All studio pictures © Jodi Warren Photography

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