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16th August 2010

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Saturday: Boogaloo shoes

On Saturday I wore my purple suedette courts from H&M. Maximum impact for minimum cost.

I wore them for a low key evening in the Boogaloo in Highgate. I still can’t drink, though, so I didn’t stay long. Here I am on the Archway Road on my way home. Note the trench coat and opaque tights in August!

All studio pictures © Jodi Warren Photography

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16th May 2010


Day 18: Houndstooth stilettos

On Friday I wore a pair of round-toed houndtooth stilettos:

I wore them to work. Afterwards I cooked dinner and went to the Boogaloo in Highgate, where I was thoroughly out-shoed by my friend Becca.

These were £3 from a charity shop! Admittedly they were so cheap because of the stain on the left foot, which is never coming out.

All studio pictures © Jodi Warren Photography

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